Graphic Design

_Original Logo Design, Logo _Redesigns, _and Logo Recreations:

The logo in the middle was recreated from the yellow page ad on the left. After recreating the logo, the client wanted to be able to use the logo on a business card. However, if the original design was made smaller, it would be very difficult to read. So, we redesigned it as can be seen in the “Logo Redesigned” picture on the right.


Original Yellow Page Advertisement

Logo Recreated

 Logo Redesigned

We use the latest software to create and/or enhance logos to make them presentable for your marketing requirements in almost any kind of format required.

The new redesigned logo can be made small enough to fit on a business card or promotional marketing materials. If the original logo was made any smaller, half of the company name, "Limousines & Transportation" and the company motto, "Private, Prompt, Professional" would be unreadable.

We can also design an original and unique logo for your company that will not be found in any clip art, in whole or part.

 Original Logo Design

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