Catalog Design

_Custom Designed Catalog with Table of _Contents and Index:

We can update your current catalog or create a complete catalog from scratch, custom designed for your business. For consistency and appearance, ninety percent of the photographs in REALM's catalog were created in house.

REALM's Catalog Cover

Catalog Table of Contents

Catalog Page

Catalog Index

Because REALM introduced an average of 3-5 new products a month and 2-3 products they distributed a month changed, REALM did not print their catalog in high volumes. Instead, the catalog was kept updated, sometimes weekly, and printed inhouse on a high speed color copier. Their customers appreciated being able to get information on the latest products soon after, or even before introduction.

Every job that we do is customized to your business. We do not use standard formats and try to fit your company's marketing materials into a specific format. In addition, every computerized image we create is stored so that it can be reused, modified, or used on a website, by us or by someone else. This minimizes your costs by not having the same work done over or recreated.

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